i made up my mind about the wallpaper. i have been thinking about doing the whole fabric/starch thing since it is reusable but this post from danielle thompson made my mind up for me. so much more customizable. in the long run i think it will be a better option for me since i hope to not stay in this house of mine for to long.has anybody tried it? any tips out there? off to research fabrics...

i have been sick lately and not cooking dinner. feeling better now and ready to start being a good mom and wife. here is this weeks plan. i have been doing the body for life/ bill phillips transformation plan and all these meals work in nicely.
uncle marks carne asada tacos, fruit
Orange salmon, fiery lemon orzo with capers, broccoli ( thanks krista!)
Garlicky parmesan spaghetti squash, green beans
Chicken gyros with pita bread and tzatziki sauce ( one of our favorites, so so good!)
for the orzo i just use this recipe but make these changes- i use orzo and not pasta i use capers not parsley depending on my mood i will use the paremsan like it says or feta cheese. i love me some feta cheese!

traditional birthday shirt for my birthday boy. beebye wanted a dinosaur. i wanted it to be simple. he loved it, me too. happy being three! and here is baby boys from the summer.
big brother goo has the big 5 coming up in april. can 't wait to see what he wants his shirt to be.

i got a new blog header thanks to this awesome lady. she got it right on the first try, and her prices are dirt cheap! plus she fixed the darn header problem i have been having for as long as my blog has been around. thanks jenna!

i can't wait until spring so i can do this... seen here really what could be lovelier than sitting outside on these chairs, sipping homemade lemonade with my boys? nothing i think.


i'm feeling the crochet itch bad... wanting to make all of these free patterns from crochet today. alas i cannot because i told myself i would not start any new projects until i finish the ones i'm working on now.
don't they just make you happy to look at though? or am i the only old lady out there?


meet my newest nephew henry. isn't he yummy?check out his cute monster shirt made by moi, and his cutie pie pilot hat and stripey pants ( not made be me but cute nonetheless!) my sister has the best dressed kids on the planet i tell ya. i love him. and he almost makes me want to have another baby some day. almost.


via dottie angel
i really really want this orla kiely blossom wallpaper but alas i do not have the $95 a roll that it cost. i think that any of these will be a happy alternative. what do you think? all of these rolls are much cheaper than the orla wallpaper.


when i found this awesome skirt tutorial at freshly picked i new i had to make one asap. i ran to joanns and picked out some of the cutest looking fabric i have ever seen gracing the shelves of joanns. honeycomb and bees am i really at joanns?
the skirt literally took me under and hour to make from start to finish. and i got to use my new serger! ( thanks hubby and family for the best gift ever!!)
i love love love the skirt but it is pretty full and makes be feel like a fatty fat soooo i ended up taking it in and giving it to my skinny 14 year old sister who has yet to bear children and therefore has no hips. no worries... i went today and bought more fabric to make myself another one that is less full. love.


anybody out there that watch studio 5? its a local tv show here in utah. i saw this segment the other day on a new blog called the DIY Dish. It's a free website that will have videos and tutorials with tons of different crafts. it looks fun. i love these pillows they made when they were on studio 5...
ohh and they are giving away 2 sewing machines,rad! and i'm not sure but are do they look like osmonds to you? they do to me.


making this for valentines boxes

and making these for the valentines. funny huh? love them! via family fun


my oldest son really wants me to make him an octopus. he asks me about a hundred times a day. my granny was telling me about yarn octopus that she made when she was little. check it out here. its pretty silly but i am positive that my boys will love them.


pretty sure today is going to be awesome.

my cutie pie friend megan is doing a giveaway oh her blog megitys handmade. check out these super cool pillows she is offering. i really really want one. go enter, now.


any one computer savy? i have never been able to get my header to show up on this blog. i have another blog ( family) and i have had no troubles putting one of there. i also hate the way that this blog formats my blog post. nothing ever looks the way i want it to( again not a problem with my other blog). i have tried changing the format,what the heck am i doing wrong?