i couldn't help myself from making another skirt from the belle "favorite things" pattern. this is probably my favorite fabric ever, i have it in all three colors. summer is made for cute skirts...


my boys helped me pick raspberries today. they ate them faster than i could pick them and i was lucky to even get this many. my baby was so funny crawling around after us and pulling raspberries off the vine. he looked like a crazy little jungle baby when we were all done with his berry stained face and his make out hair.
i'm making my mom a quilt for her birthday and i am loving these blocks in particular. this is the first quilt that i have made from a pattern and i have to say that i keep asking myself " what the hell have i gotten myslef into?" nothing is easy or turning out the way it is supposed to. i am taking a break for a few days from the quilt. we both need a break, time to think things over and see if we can make it work. i'm sure we can in the end.
the last picture is of a little embroidery that i'm going to hang on my collage wall. i love the color of the fabric and plan on making a shirt out of it next.


i just ordered these cute prints off etsy yesterday. i can't wait to put them in my collage wall. i love them. from this etsy store.
i really like this idea of using rain gutters as bookshelves . bonus is that it is really cheap and customizable. i like displaying books facing out so you can see the covers. ( sorry not sure where the picture is from)


summer hair = BRAIDS! i've decided to go hair dryer less most of the week( i have decided the least i can do is semi fix my hair up for church, does that make up for the fact that we sneak out after the sacrament almost every week? it is a bit hard to stay the whole time when all you do is roam the hallways and nurse babies...)my goal is to only use it at most 2x a week. i joined a flickr group a while back called braid Wednesday for inspiration.
here are some tutorials for your dirty hippie hair enjoyment- good little granola girl graceful lady has a great video here (this is the one i use alot)
get two cute braid ideas inspired by lc here and here and my new favorite style can be found at the polished pickle- seriously how cute is this hair do??? and the blog is really cute too.
photo and tutorial from the polished pickle
i'm also a big fan of the bobby pin messy bun look. what summer hair tips do you have?


i have three boys. i like to sew cute things. there are many cute things to make for girls, not so much for boys ( although i am working on that) so... i made cute skirts for my nieces. i am a nice aunt, the best actually. the end.