for the bat chandeliers- everyone needs to bring -
* a pack of glue dots ( megan suggested using your micheals, roberts, or ben franklin coupon)
* embroidery hoops- AND YOU NEED TO PAINT THEM BLACK BEFORE YOU COME!!! it looks like you need three of varying sizes from big to little ( you can get them at craft stores or di or your granny's!)
* a few dollars to cover the cost of the paper, tuelle and fishing line i will get the tuelle and fishing line, megan has the punch already and may be able to get the paper... yeah i am so excited this is a cute project and i am so ready for halloween!

for the time i was thinking 8:00 so the kids will be in bed. does that work? everyone bring your favorite fall food to share and some copies of the recipe. we will be meeting in my grammy sue's basement so we better behave. any suggestions on anything else?


so i lied.... first craft will not be the earrings. apparently the shop i wanted to purchase the supplies from in in hong kong , and shipping takes 1 -2 weeks.oops. we will still be having crafty night on Thursday if you guys want. i was thinking of the cute bat chandelier from meg's store see here for directions. is everyone good with that? let's get a headcount if you plan on coming or not. tell me in the comments if you plan on coming this time or not. thanks.

found a new blog that i love love love.
it is freakin amazing!
the most amazing ever mobile ( i think it looks like a vintage irmi!) she makes amazing toys inlcuding robots, a play stove, wild thing toys made from tp rolls,monkey race cars and more. she was even on martha stewart. i am seriously in awe of her mad skills. check out the blog here
pictures from the matsutake blog.........


Sparkle Power is hosting a great giveaway! Check out All ChildrensFurniture.com for your favorite brands like Roadmaster, KidKraft, little Tikes and more! Giveaway ends 10/7. go check it out!


33 cent nylon headbands

nylon baby headbands- a quick sloppy how to:
i had no idea to make these and couldn't find very much info on the interwebnet. i knew i wanted thinner fabric then the knee highs i had seen ( and they were too wide anyhow) so i bought these nylon knee highs from walmart, in the gumball container for 33 cents.
they were pretty wrinkled so i ironed them on low heat.
then i folded them in half.
these ones are for a newborn baby so i sewed them about 6 inches from the fold. then i trimmed the fabric about 1/4 inch away from seam and flipped it right side out.
add your flowers and your done. sorry no action pictures my boys would not oblige. there you go 2 minute headbands... and at two for 33 cents, you too can make buttloads!maybe you all know how to do this but seeing as how i have 3 little boys and haven't been able to find the info i needed i thought it might come in handy for someone.


my very talented friend megan is having a giveaway! check out the cute skeleton man tassel up for grabs...
isn't he the cutest? i want him -
the details of the giveaway are here and go check out megans darling and amazing creations here.


frayed rosettes

see i'm not totally worthless... frayed rosettes tutorial-

supplies needed-
-fabric,you can use basically anything silk, cotton, jersey i prefer to use the cheap cotton broadcloth, it's cheap ( like $2 a yard) frays really easy and comes in lots of cute colors. trust me the cheaper fabric is better for these little pretties. This is also a great way to use up your scraps!
-hot glue gun and sticks ( i use a little tiny one because it is easier)
take you fabric and lay it out so that that selvage edge is facing you. snip into fabric a bit to get it started.
take your fabric and start ripping, i prefer to rip because the edges fray up perfectly.
rip until you get a big pile of fabric. then take your fingers and run them all the way down the sides of your strips to fray them up more. vary the length and width to make it interesting.
take your strip and fold it in half, tie a knot right smack in the middle. try to make the knot lay as flat as you can. see how you have a knot with two long ends?
now start twisting the two ends together and then start twisting that into a circle. get your glue gun and dab away. be careful not to get globs of glue on the front side ( like i did). it helps to apply glue closer to the back of the flower
keep on twisting around and around. i try to vary it from a really tight twist to a looser twist so that it looks better. you can kind of go up and over in some areas for visual interest too.

keep going until you have about a half in of fabric left. dab some glue on the back and twist it around so that the end is tucked away nice and tidy like.

make buttloads more while your kids sleep because it's fun, easy and fast and doesn't require you to move much when all you want to do is take a little break. you can even watch days of our lives if you so choose.

can you guess what these are going to be? a little hint at another tutorial perhaps... any questions???


i bookmarked this a while ago and forgot to post about it. find out how to make this cool pallet bed at ashley ann photography. her daughter's whole room is darling.
i've been wanting to use this idea for some sort of couch/bed thingy for my pergola outside. { this was how the previous owners had the yard looking}
i on the other hand have an out of control jungle yard with mucho weeds. i only pray that the lady doesn't ever drive by and cry her little horticulturist heart out and the damage we've done to her precious yard.
what do you think? i think if i just used oilcloth or outdoor canvas to cover the foam it would work out. my little brain is thinking of all the other pallet creations i can come up with.

i don't know about all of you but i really need help in the "cute outfits for church category" you see, as a mother to three little boys i end up covered in cracker crumbs, milk stains, pen "tats" and now since we are potty training mr beebye, the occasional splash of kid pee. i'm also in the primary which means i need to be comfy and since i'm a mormon { oh my swearing and boob talk didn't let on? sorry about that, i tend to be a little um crass but i'm working on it, but really that has been my problem my whole life just ask my mother, sometimes, actually almost always, i horrify her with what comes out of my mouth, this is turning into the longest run on sentence within a parentheses ever!!}i also dress modestly. here are some super blogs and flickr groups to help me, and you out.
via clothed much blog
This pretty lady has a great fashion blog. she is cute, stylish, modest and in her own words poor. i on the other hands am not so cute or stylish but i most definatly relate to the poor part. i would much rather { and i do} buy my boys clothes, or spend money on diapers and undies and oh i don't know, food and other things needed for survival. i love that elaine doesn' have alot of clothes but mixes them up into new and original outfits.
Then there is the new flickr group ~ sunday best started from jenn of ambrosia girl. there are some really cute outfits on there.
I recently discovered sensibly styled um somewhere? not sure where i saw it but i love it! it has cute ideas and you can even ask for help putting outfits together for any occasion and they will coordinate it all and show numerous options!
now if any of you fashionistas have tips to keep kids from constantly hanging on me and getting my clothes totally dirty i would love to know your tips.
and yes, just in case you were wondering i am still a bum, none of my tutorials i am working on are done. my camera's batteries died, i don't have any more, i am to busy/lazy to go get more, when i do go to the store i wander around and take my time because the kids are usually at home with dad or at grannies, i forget batteries every single time i run to the store. soooooo- will somebody send me some batteries? and i'm working on them.