i've never been a big fan of push ups. so why am i doing the one hundred push up challenge?

beats me! but i am.... want to join me?


 have you heard of ombre hair?

 i hadn't until yesterday when i was blog hopping and was lead to the blog hairdresser on fire. which is  a great hair blog... ombre is  basically having multi shade hair color. apparently it was inspired by children's hair color after playing out in the sun all summer. all i can say is i looooove it. i especially love the second hair color and dare i say it... sarah jessica parkers (ughh never been a fan of hers) i spent a bit of time looking at different hair blogs. it seems to be a divided trend. some people love the look, others think it looks to grungy.
what do you think? do you like it? any hairdressers out there with some tips?


my review ::: spin pins

i have thick wavy hair. which is nice. what isn't nice is trying to style my hair and  having to use 230 bobby pins. i usually bend half of them and the other half fall out of my hair leaving  a trail of bobby pins that lead to me. i heard about the goody spin pin a while back somewhere ( commercial, blog, friend... not sure) i found some at target and got stylin. these weird looking little curly q's take the place of 20 pins each. they are awesome and easy to use. i love the messy bun look and when i used this is took all of 2 minutes to do.