menu monday

pioneer woman

*fast, easy breakfast sandwiches, pineapple
* stuffed taco shells, fruit, corn
*quesadillas, fruit
*pollo asada, beans ,tortillas, fruit
*skillet summer vegetable lasagna, green salad

what are you having this week?


not the best picture ever but it will do...

i am so lucky to have gone to glacier national park with my in laws. they are the best people i know and i am truly lucky to have them in my life. aren't they a cute bunch?

i am having major montana withdrawals. who knew how amazing and beautiful it was? surely not me... i told my husband that i fully intend on visiting every summer. maybe even living there some day.

have you ever been to glacier national park or montana? what did you think?


menu monday

                                                                 vacation/holiday detox style-


+ britts fish tacos, watermelon, homemade salsa and chips
grilled steak and veggie kabobs, summer corn salad 
+ homemade pizza, fruit, green salad
+ grilled chicken and berry salad ( ala wendys style!), grilled sourdough bread
+ grilled cheese, blt's or breakfast for dinner

and some recipes that are looking good for next week!
mediterranean spring bowls
pollo asada

what is on your menu for the week?
anyone feeling the post holiday bloat?