orla kiely at target

i have been wanting some of this wallpaper for a while now but it is quite pricey. i also really like this one- i love almost all of orla keilys stuff ( clothes, bags, wall paper, decorations and plates) i was so excited to see this post on decor8. the new line is set to launch at target on feb 2. you better but your butt i will be there. i am really fond of the glasses in particular.

day of the dead pillow

ugh i know that i haven't posted in a long time. we haven't had the Internet and having three little kids is hard so sue me. not that anyone really reads this blog anyways. here is one of my Christmas presents. i made my little brother a day of the dead pillow. we are an odd family but he loved it and i loved making it. click on the picture to see the skeleton goodness. my goal this year was to make 80% of my gifts and i am pleased to say that i did.