as mom to three little mini grandpa brent's ( train crazy grandpa) the choice is obvious. we must have this wallpaper seen on ohdeedoh.


i am dying over how cute these sock skeletons at martha stewart are! i think since Halloween is here and i haven't done them yet i might do it on Sunday for day of the dead. wouldn't it be cute to use bright colored felt to embellish him for day of the dead? if i don't get to him this weekend would it be weird to give my boys for Christmas? because i am pretty sure they would love them.
also i love this sweater from forever 21. however, i'm worried that this particular color might make my skin color look pukey and green.


i saw this cool art on one pretty thing but had to pass it on it's so cool. if you go the the feed you soul website they have free artwork from various artists that you can print off at home. last night i spent 20 minutes printing off stuff. it is really cool pretty artwork too. you should definately go check it out.


the layton DI has finally proven itself to me! i was beginning to feel like that particular store wasn't worth my time ( but i love centerville) all that changed with this last trip. check out the loot. i cannot tell you how long i have been searching for a gaudy ornate mirror and today i found her. i didn't even grab a cart and my arms were already full, but you better believe i snatched her heavy arss up asap and proceeded to tote her around with me. check out the pillow too, does is look anthro-ish or straight up old lady? i think my old lady decorating twin must have passed away or something because i feel all these items came from the same house. whoever you are old lady i love you... and mostly i love your stuff that your family gave away because they were to dumb to realize how lovely it was.

pretty sheet destined to become a skirt...

stay tuned for the after pictures.


question: did anyone else see where the wild things are, and love it like we did? i feel like we are the only ones who enjoyed it... and enjoyed it we did. i find it rather odd that so many didn't like it at all and were even bored??? so i'm just wondering...


milk glass chandelier...yes please!

from anthro on sale or $695 ( ps anyone have an extra $700 for me?)


dollar store cupcake/jewlery stands

$2 cupcake stands-
*candle dish
*glass candle stick
* clear gorilla glue or e6000 or any other glass glue
*cute lace or trim if you so desire
the candle dish and stick were found at dollar tree! i found some small glass tea light holders at the DI the next day and used them as a base on some other ones.
glue these together...let dry overnight and you've got
stay tuned for how i used them for Halloween decor ( also using dollar tree finds!)
by the way do you know how hard it is to take pictures of glass???


before and after

this is not my kitchen...
just one from DIY that i plan on using for inspiration for my very small kitchen redo budget...
do any of you get DIY magazine? i love it. whenever i go to sams or costco i splurge and buy one, i guess i could just get a subscription because i have almost every issue of the last 2 years. ( hint hint family!) anyhow they also have a website here. there are many easy and affordable ideas to be found. i have this particular kitchen redo dogeared in my magazine. the kitchen layout and the cabinets and everything are very similar to my very own kitchen.

Here's the problem... is it too much to paint the cabinets black and white? i have always wanted creamy white cabinets but seeing the black and white together makes me rethink my all white cabinets. should i go for it and paint both colors or should i just paint them white and get a black hutch or something?


and this is my new favorite nursery of all time. i looooooove the color scheme so much i want to marry it. and those cloud shelves...
from oh dee doh

love this idea seen on apartment therapy. i might have to copy it for my home.