i have been sick lately and not cooking dinner. feeling better now and ready to start being a good mom and wife. here is this weeks plan. i have been doing the body for life/ bill phillips transformation plan and all these meals work in nicely.
uncle marks carne asada tacos, fruit
Orange salmon, fiery lemon orzo with capers, broccoli ( thanks krista!)
Garlicky parmesan spaghetti squash, green beans
Chicken gyros with pita bread and tzatziki sauce ( one of our favorites, so so good!)
for the orzo i just use this recipe but make these changes- i use orzo and not pasta i use capers not parsley depending on my mood i will use the paremsan like it says or feta cheese. i love me some feta cheese!


Krista said...

i will have to try that gyro recipe. how is the body for life going? obviously you were sick, but are you seeing any results yet?

Merilee said...

Wow. Those meals sound yummy. I find it's so hard to make healthy dinners my kids will eat.
I am curious to know how it's going with body for life too. I am attempting P90x again, it's hard to stay motivated and stick with it. I need a work out buddy. Wish we lived closer! Glad your feeling better!