raw edge headband tutorial

Giveaway below!!! Ends sunday nov 29th!!
raw edge headband tutorial- you will need- fabric for main headband contrast fabric for leaves and flower trim pdf headband file ( see below)
print out headband shape. tape the two smaller ends together place wide end of the strip on the folded edge of the fabric. trace with disappearing ink. sew a top stitch 1/4 inch away from raw edge all the way around the headband. trace leaves onto contrasting fabric. iron the leaves where you want them ( if you want you can fuse wonder under to the leaf fabric before you cut them out, or if you are lazy like me just ironing them into place will do.) sew around edge of leaves. now make some rolled roses like so. if you want to add trim you can. or how about making a couple of flowers in a cluster? done and done. now you have a cute headband that took you about 10 minutes to make. headband pattern here want to win this headband + another one? tell me what you favorite song by the cure is...mine are love cats, close to me and disintegration . just kidding you just leave me a comment and i will pick a winner sunday.

frayed rosette corsage shirt

frayed rosette corsage shirt tutorial-
you will need
pre-washed strips of fabric prepared in the same way as these ones vary the length and width for added texture and interest
a new or old tank, t- shirt, or whatever, i think it would even be cute on a cardi.
start by tying a very loose knot on one end of your fabric
pick a starting point for your first flower.
keep twisting. i like to vary between twisting the fabric loosey goosey and tight.
repeat, making some rosettes bigger and some smaller. i try to overlap a bit too.
keep going until you like what you see. i find that i have to try on the shirt to see where things need to go and if it needs more rosettes. i'm working on one other tutorial for today while the boys nap. we will see how that goes...
ps. i used black thread on these so that you could see what i was doing in the pictures better. i probably wouldn't use it for your shirt unless it went better with your fabric.


i love this cool idea seen on design sponge
i am in the process of making a yarn wreath like this one from bluebird vintage
but mixed with one like this one seen on sew mama sew
i'm finishing up a tutorial for tomorrow. it's a cute gift idea. there might be a giveaway to go along with it too.
and i just realized that it is only 5 weeks until Christmas! oh brother, i have a lot of catching up to do if i plan on getting things done this century. and glee is on tonight! holy cow it's 8:30 and my baby is still asleep, that never happens. my boys never sleep in past 7:30 no matter what i do. it's alright though since they go to bed pretty early.


jumping on the t-shirt embellishing train...

easy, fast, fun, cheap- pretty sure i'm addicted. i seriously dreamt about ways to fancy up my t- shirts. those boring old shirts don't even know what is coming.
bwahhh ha haaaaaa.
inspiration here, here,here,here , here and here