inspired by katie at matusake and her freaking cute hedgehog plushie.

hope everyone had a nice christmas! i didn't do as many handmade gifts as i originally planned. alas,to have three little kids and be a master procrastinator do not combine for the handmade chirstmas extravaganza i had in mind. one thing i did however finish was this modern light bright from martha stewart. i will admit the whole time i made it i was pretty nervous that it was going to turn out like crapola but in the end it turned out to be so stinking cute. i have big plans to make a bunch for my house. i hope my sister in law loved it. amy if you don't can i please have it back???
martha stewarts version


i love jimmy fallon do you? i never watch him because his show is on way past my bed time. i happened to be up last night and i about died watching jimmy fallon being robert pattinson. it was even funnier because jacob ( talor whatever his name is) was on. i guess there are a whole bunch of the videos . there are even some twilight vs. harry potter ones. so funny i had to pass it on.
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my friend megan over at megitys handmade gave me an award the other day and i'm just getting around to posting about it. thanks megan! i guess i need to tell you 7 random facts about me.
1. i have a terrible potty mouth, which is highly embarrassing to my mother, but highly amusing to my grandma and husband
2. i secretly don't like people who don't like chocolate and peanut butter or don't like seinfield ( both are included in my every day life) i pity the fool who doesn't enjoy a chocolate pb donut from madbrooks or a hot fudge pb shake from iceberg, or who doesn't appreciate the phrase "man hands"
3. i love to cook, and eat, and pretty much think about food alot
4. i have 3 little boys and am honestly terrified to have a girl, but i think i want one eventually
5. my nickname used to be del taco. for some reason when my parents teased me about it i didn't think it was all that funny. now i do. my mom also used to tell my sister and i that she was sheera princess of power in cognito.
6. i love lost...alot. i am a nerd and read all the message boards and theories and stuff. one word- sawyer
7. i love love love to read but rarely have the time anymore ( a few of my favorite books are papa married a mormon, enders game and enchanted)
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