menu monday-

the best homemade spaghetti sauce, roasted butternut squash, green salad, sourdough garlic bread
+ body for life breakfast casserole, fruit, turkey sausage
+ chopped pizza ( made with whole wheat pizza dough), roasted green beans, pineapple
+ fauxtissere chicken, roasted red potatoes, green beans, rolls
+ chipolte buy one get one free! date night!
+ shredded beef tacos with leftover frozen barbacoa beef, grilled mexican veggies, pineapple+mango

what are you making this week?


friday favs-

*these cropped ankle skinny jeans are freaking cute. i tried them on last week and loved them but was holding out for a better deal. on sale this week for $19.50! wahoo!

* did a new treadmill workout today that kicked my butt. i am not a fast runner. even though i run often. i do alot of HITT routines so it was fun trying something new.  my times were... m1 (8:44) m2 (8:48) m3 (8:22) i was a tiny bit bummed that mile 2, was 4 seconds longer than one.

* loving these shoes, or these, and these ones too. which ones should i get with my christmas giftcard to UO?

* going to chipotle. buy one get one free coupon here. my fav is the barbacoa burrito bowl with lots of veggies, black beans and all three salsas. what is your favorite?

* finally painting my kitchen cabinets this weekend! i'll let you know how it turned out.

* got a flat screen tv finally too! i just need to find a place to hang it or a table to put it on. i am loving this one from rc willey. and it is clearance, even better.

have a fun weekend!


my review:: suave dry shampoo

i have bangs and exercise every day but only wash my hair every other day( is that gross? i have three kids and not a ton of time to do my hair, you do what you can right??) what does that mean for my hair? nasty, greasy bangs thats what. i have heard about dry shampoo for a few years but never really saw them at an affordable price.

last year i found some dry shampoo called batiste. it was on sale for around $6 so i decided to give it a try. you spray your roots, rub it in really well and then comb it through. i really like it. the only drawback is that it is sort of stinky. like grandma perfume stinky ( none of my grandma's wear stinky perfume but that is what it reminds me of) i get the pink one and i guess the one in the blue can is better.

i have also tried TRESemme. and i was not that impressed. it smelled good but left my hair a weird texture. a few weeks ago i saw on facebook that suave was coming out with a dry shampoo. i have been on the lookout ever since. and i finally found it at walmart yesterday!!

my review-

smells awesome. it has a light,citrus smell that smelled really fresh.
under $3!
left my hair feeling completely refreshed. added great volume and texture
easy to find
doesn't leave a white film in my dark hair like other dry shampoos do

i had to use a little bit more than my bastiste to get the same effect, but the smell was so much better it was worth it.

has anyone else tried it? what did you think?

do you guys watch the food network show " the best thing i ever ate"? it is one of my favorite shows ever. i am a sucker for food and cooking. i have always loved watching cooking shows but the newer generation of shows is amazing. i love diners, drive inns and dives too. we have been to a few places they showed that were in utah. wouldn't it be fun to plan a foodie trip and base it around places shown on food network?

so tonight as i was watching the best thing i ever ate- nutty. i died when they showed tyler florence's pick. white chocolate pretzel peanut butter. are you kidding me? i did what any rational person ( on a diet nonetheless) would do and ordered me one asap. i didn't even flinch at the $10 price tag. actually i did but i told myself it would be my husbands valentines gift. i am super sweet that way. check out spread here. there are some other tasty looking peanut and almond butters too. can't wait for it to get here! maybe your valentine would like some too.


i have got to have this hair color. i am obesessed.

ps- anybody know how to make my hair grow faster? i heard prentals were supposed to help. any other ideas hair dresser friends?


we are god's children. and if we ever got that through our heads thoroughly and understood that completely we would never do a small thing. we would never say a cross word. we would not use bad language. we would not criticize anybody. we would love everyone the way the savior loves us.

sister hinkley

i needed to hear this today, yesterday, this whole month. having a bit of the winter blues and can't drag myself out of it. i'm hoping that making some pretty things for my house and thrifting will help.