wishing i had $300 to do this. looks fun eh? anyone want to do it with me... and pay for me too?


looky what i found! a whole blog dedicated to artwork based on where the wild things are called Terrible yellow eyes! These are a few of my favs. Check out more here. i love them all but this is perhaps my favorite.


coolest patchwork project ever! instructions on sew mama sew from melissa at all buttoned up.

i just spent a bit going through her blog. she has some awesome homemade clothing and cute style. she also has a few projects in stitch magazine. if you don't have the first two copies you need to get them. they are great magazines with some awesome projects. lots of pillows, skirts and gifts. i love the asymmetrical skirt in the first issue and plan on making it soon ( soon to me might me tomorrow or next year)

worst blogger ever= ME
car problems,potty training, cleaning, weeding, raising kids,went to cali for awhile,feeling sick...
my baby decided to stop nursing in california, i guess he thinks he's to busy now that he is almost one ( in two weeks!eek!) this has been my only child who has abruptly stopped nursing and i am pretty sure i have a plugged duct or some sort of infection. i'm tired and achy and my boobies hurt.... still and it has been about a week.
i have been working a bit on some new headbands that i love. my grandpa and hubby tell me i look like a hippie ( what's new?) beats looking like a primadonna.and it means i wash my hair less and never blow dry it. can't beat that.
don't worry i have loads and loads of freckles and no make up on, crazy eyes, oh and weaning cleavage ( which is totally temporary, dang!) i look HOT!
so- to make my lazy bum get it's self into gear i am working on a cute little gal easy peasy dress.... and possibly a giveaway. so stay around will ya?