my review:: berry almond chicken salad( from wendy's)

um yep this is a seriously good salad. i was on my way to the park for playgroup today and thought i would stop and grab and apple pecan chicken salad from wendys ( which by the way is amazing too)
 when i pulled up i saw a pretty new looking salad on the menu... the berry almond chicken salad. i got the half size so i could eat it with a piece of white chocolate pecan bread from harmons ( bread from heaven i think!) it was more than enough salad and was so good!
 i only used less than half of the pecans and dressing packet. everything was fresh and delish and it sure did not taste like a fast food salad. at only 270 calories and a pretty good protein to carb ration ( almost even) i can see this salad as a go to when i have to pick up something quick.


for your viewing pleasure.

top- napoleon dynamite cartoon. my boys think it looks hilarious

middle- a new tv show with zoey! she is the cutest ever

bottom- apparently this reminds my husband of my dance moves. he says i even make the same faces. this may or may not be spot on.

can't wait!


something weird is going on with my computer lately. it just shuts down for no reason. thus the lack of posting. i am trying to type this as fast as i can to get a post I'm before it happens. is it a virus?

                                                                   started this today...

i have already done the workout before but i plan on actually doing the whole four week plan. i am headed to California in 4 weeks so i thought this would give me some extra motivation. it is a great dvd. the 3 minutes strength 2 minutes cardio 1 minute abs is my favorite jillian exercise plan.

hopefully i can keep my computer on long enough to post menu monday. it's a good one this week. i find that when i actually make a plan and post it online i am much better at sticking to it. wonder why that is...