when i found this awesome skirt tutorial at freshly picked i new i had to make one asap. i ran to joanns and picked out some of the cutest looking fabric i have ever seen gracing the shelves of joanns. honeycomb and bees am i really at joanns?
the skirt literally took me under and hour to make from start to finish. and i got to use my new serger! ( thanks hubby and family for the best gift ever!!)
i love love love the skirt but it is pretty full and makes be feel like a fatty fat soooo i ended up taking it in and giving it to my skinny 14 year old sister who has yet to bear children and therefore has no hips. no worries... i went today and bought more fabric to make myself another one that is less full. love.


The Blake's said...

cute skirt! With all the boy craftiness, I should make myself one :).

Just coming over to respond to your comment and check out your fun blog.

Thanks for the compliment on my shirt, I made one for my baby last night too - way faster this time!

But anyway - we are not in Utah, both my husband and I are BYU alumni, we like to share our colors around here... BLUE of course!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

I still love the skirt and didn't feel that you were a fatty-fat. So much, that I copied you and got the fabric to make one myself. But you know that. :) Just have to get the elastic.