menu monday {errrr.... tuesday}

philly cheese fakes, strawberries. steamed veggies
* steak, oven french fries, broccoli, canned peaches
* taco bar with all the fixings, smoothies
* breakfast for dinner, roasted asparagus with egg, bacon, bagels
* cheesy noodle casserole ( aka noodley doodley), green salad, asparagus, garlic bread
* date night?
* leftovers or sandwiches

last week our church had a self reliance workshop. i went to 2 classes. one on finances and one on the importance of family dinners. my kids are young enough that we don't have much going on yet and are able to have family dinner most nights. i really enjoyed the class and it gave me some good ideas. i will share them with you tomorrow. i'm getting pretty tired. watching biggest loser will do that to you ;)


 so- i just got through eating the second best apple of my life. what apple is that you say? it's called a jazz apple. i found them at smiths the other day for $1 a lb.

 my in-laws have the tasty apples on the planet but these are a close second. the apple was so crisp and juicy + shares a name with our basketball team ( what is up with kirelinkos hair?!).

you better believe that come free day i will be making the best apple dumplings ever. just thought i would spread the word on this tasty treat.

menu monday

* black bean tacos, green salad, pineapple
* lemon ricotta pancakes with strawberries, bacon, smoothies
* shanghi chicken and noodles, green smoothie
* grilled taco chicken, ( made into tacos with corn tortillas) strawberries, leftover black beans
* steak, grilled potatoes and onions, roasted asparagus
* st pattys day dinner made by granny. you know the usual stuff...

do you guys eat leftovers alot? i'm not a huge fan. i will eat things the first day, then i don't care for them much after that. except for stew, pot roast, chili and fried rice. i need to be better about using them up. my husband takes them for lunch most the time but i still feel like some things get wasted.

what are you making this week?

do you eat  leftovers?

ps. click on the link for the menu above for a printable menu from eighteen25


friday favs and weekend happenings

*these tote bags are super cute. you can never have enough totes right? the deer applique is destined to become a pillow for my couch.

* i am completely obsessed/smitten with this bedroom. lacy painted floor, chicken wire wall and vintage linens, floral too? yes please! i love everything ashley does with her house. she is so creative!

* do you guys remember making butter in grade school? we used to shake cream in a mason jar and watch it turn to cream. this looks even faster/easier, although maybe not as fun for kids to do. i'm thinking homemade bread and butter + apricot and raspberry freezer jam is in order this weekend!

* i love love love these lightweight boy hoodies at i am momma hear me roar

* week one of the ripped in 30 almost done! i am loving it. under 30 minutes, weight+ cardio. i previewed week 2 yesterday and it there are alot of moves i have never seen before. i am excited to try it.

* look how pretty my friend krista's rosette cuffs are! i have a green one and love it but the pink is calling my name.

*finally good enough weather to go to the zoo! i've got the fever for sure.

*i made some homemade coconut butter this week. it is unbelievable on pancakes. it was fast, cheap and easy.

* a new sunflower market is opening up in salt lake. i'm hoping to make it to the grand opening and score some free things.

* the prettiest crocheted pillows i have ever seen.

* how pretty is this image? wish i could find some pretty old wood that looked like that!

* what a great idea for keeping organized in the car.

*where is a girls scout when you need one? i love samoas so much i might just try to make some if i don't see one soon.

* roasted maple cinnamon almond butter! i am all over it.
what caught your eye this week?


menu monday

+ thai peanut noodle lettuce wraps, mango.( i didn't get around to  making this last week and i am dying to try them!)
+ pioneer womans chili recipe ( from book), cornbread, green salad
+ walking tacos with leftover chili, fruit salad
+ roasted asparagus and lemon chicken pizza, salad, garlic bread
+ red beans and rice, asparagus, fruit
+ leftovers or breakfast for dinner
+ date night??

other things i'm making this week-
 making this for fhe for sure!


my favorite ( and easy!) homemade wheat bread. it really does taste like expensive store bought bread. it is chewy and soft. i make 2 loaves a week

homemade buttermilk dressing for my ranch loving kids.

homemade hot pockets for lunches ( add some salad supreme and they are amazing!

this french bread recipe is looking good for the garlic bread i am making this week.


 i stayed home sick today from church with all three kids. i got bored and made some spring headers. do you like the one up top or one of these below better?
obviously i am into geometric and cool color palettes right now. used my trusty 10 minute blog header tutorial here.


friday favs-

* the best ever jammies are at costco! and they are only $12 too. all three of my boys came home from the hospital wearing hannah anderson sleepers and pilot caps. they are the cuteset thing ever.

*this shirt refashion. this girl has major skills. one of my goals this year was to make myself more clothes.i haven't made any yet, but this blog is inspiring me to do so. and asap!
* i will be making this for sure this weekend. i have a vision in mind. hopefully they turn out how i want!

* my cabinets are done! i have to share my review of the product i used with you guys next week. let me just say- no priming,sanding,stripping and it looks fab!  it saved me hours of prep time, and it is really easy.

*remember how i ordered some delish peanut butter from spread? we ate it in 2 days and were literally scraping every bit out of the jar. well i made a copycat jar up to celebrate national peanut butter lovers day last week. it is pretty near perfect but still needs some minor tweaking. can't wait to play around with it this weekend and give you the recipe! oh and looky here... the best peanut butter ever in cookie form! and check out the s'more cookies. i loooooooove s'mores and i am sure i would love this cookie too!

* i am loving all the cute  furniture at urban outfitters

*looking forward to this new jillian dvd! and using my new body fat tester.

*taking my boys to the dollar theater to see tangled and maybe tron.

* i love tif and her granny chic style.i like to think of myself as a lover of granny chic, but this has to be the top of the top. she is so fabulous and creative i can't even stand it!

* i love boys too! i need to make some of the awesome things they have shared this year.

what are some of your favorites this week?
have a good weekend!


i adore this table on talkin chow playing house.


who used this tutorial found here on stylizimo

who got the idea and inspiration from here

i love all three versions! i'm afraid i'm not handy enough to make one. maybe a handy uncle or grandpa will help me and my husband?!

which one is your favorite?

 i like that the first one is white. the natural wook color is pretty in the second and i like the width of the third.