hey ladies tomorrow is the big day. first thing first weigh ins. eek i am scared to know but it must be done!
from now on we will talk skinny talk on the private blog. i will start with my goals.


  • work out at least 4 times a week
  • eat less sugar
  • eat more fruit and veggies
  • eat less meat
  • eat out less
  • drink more water ( because my baby barracuda takes all my supply. only 2 months left until i am mostly done with breastfeeding, hooray! can i just tell you that i have seriously been pregnant or breastfeeding for 5 years now and i can not wait to have my body all to myself. that is until one of my kids hangs on me, bites me or otherwise uses my body as their own personal perch.)
  • get skinny!

i am kind of doing a very lose modified body for life plan. i am also doing their cardio plan, i love it, it is effective and it only takes 20 minutes! they also have really good recipes. and if you sign up for their official challenge you can win $10,000!

my mother in law karma has a great little tracking sheet that she is going to email me. and i will send to all of you. body for life also has some great tracking tools.

alright you're next. what are you goals? remember to post them to the skinny blog not here.


here are some freebies for you. check out this link here for a free quart of paint. you pick the color. sweet! ( i picked totally teal)
hungry? how about a free lunch, entree or salad when you buy one? then head to einsteins and pick up some lunch.

what about a new swimsuit?

you probably already have one for this year but why not get another to have on hand? this weekend they are on sale for $5 each piece at old navy.

i'm totally getting the black one piece for me and something for the hubby who insists upon wearing his FUGLY one from high school.

we love jamba juice smoothies round here. ( mango mantra or strawberry surfrider please!) well then go buy one get one free. have them put your kids in seperate cups and your kids will adore you. ( unless you have more kids than free smoothies then you're sort of on your own.)pair it with your free einsteins and your talking perfect summer lunch.


what are you doing this weekend? if all goes as plans me and my sister will be shopping it up here. that is if we can get somebody to watch our 5 children. honey, what do you think???
if you are in utah you should definitely check it out. they are also giving something away! and, while we are on the topic of giveaways, check back later next week for a giveaway of my own!


a while back i did a biggest loser competition that one of our friends from college started. it was a really good idea and it was fun but it kind of fizzled out half way. which totally sucks because i was winning with a 9% body percentage lost. it really got me to be healthier though. i by nature am not a competitive person at all. the only things i care to win are dr mario, pirate party games ( hello $50 bingo!) and exercise related challenges.
so long story short.
i am starting another round of biggest loser. anyone can join with me- there is one major rule... you have to donate money to the pot first. if you don't have your money into me by the 2nd weigh in you will be out. i want people to be motivated to lose weight, i know a prize at the end is a big motivator for me. i was thinking either $10 or $15 , if you don't have money donate an itunes card or gift card or something else you have one hand. i want this to be fun and motivating.anyone else in? i was thinking of starting on monday the 22. more details coming soon...


Moms on the Net

check out this weirdo video. it had me giggling the whole time i watched it. love the hair and the line about geeks and their clipboards.


another great blue lily giveaway. check it out, but don't win ok because i want to really badly.