these photos are of the amazing quilt top that my mom gave to me ( and that my granny gave to her). that belonged to and was hand-pieced by my grandpa's grandmother. the quilt is over 100 years old! isn't it beautiful? i'm not sure what i want to even do with it. it is in really good condition but i am still worried about applying a back and quilting it. have any ideas? all i know is that i am in awe of people's mad hand sewing skills!


preschool ideas

with two kids 3 and under i find it hard to always find time to do fun and educational things with them. i decided that this summer i would try and create a home based preschool program to match my families needs. i found out about this awesome preschool program through a friends blog. i am so excited to do this with my boys this summer. i really like the way that the program is set up.
one thing that i have already been doing with my boys is collecting neat craft books. my mom gave me a few of these books. have you seen them? they have great projects and most of the things needed are already in your home.

we have also found some great books at the DI, gotta love the $1.00 kid books! we have a great little library and are hoping to find more books to add.
here are some links to get you started...