any one computer savy? i have never been able to get my header to show up on this blog. i have another blog ( family) and i have had no troubles putting one of there. i also hate the way that this blog formats my blog post. nothing ever looks the way i want it to( again not a problem with my other blog). i have tried changing the format,what the heck am i doing wrong?


Phillipa said...

Hi there, Hopefully this will help you. I'm hoping the labels are the same for you as they are on mine...

Click customize on the top right, hopefully it will take you to the layout tab, into page elements. If it doesn't, layout is the 4th tab on the left and page elements should be the first tab under that.

once you are in page elements it should show you a model of what your page looks like, where it has the title of your page (i.e. made by the mama monster) in that box on the bottom left corner it should say edit. Click this and it should comeup with a new screen.
The 3rd box down should say image, and you should be able to upload your header there, just click browse and find it on your pc. Then choose the placement option, I have mine as instead of title and description. Make sure you click save! (Bottom right).
I hope this helps... head on over to my blog http://handmadebyauntyphyllis.blogspot.com/ to see how mine is done, have a look around while you're there :P
If anything doesn't make sense or your options are different leave me a comment and I'll see what I can do :)
xoxo Phillipa (Auntyphyllis)

Elaine said...

I am SO bad at blog stuff too! Good luck!

Looks like Phillipa knows what she's talking about! ;)