isn't this idea from pottery barn cool? making some for my kids using this tutorial.


i have been felling blah lately. the weather here in utah is crappy, my boys are going crazy in our little house. i haven't had the energy or desire or time to do anything crafty.

sooooo a few nights ago, to cheer myself up i made myself a bag following the tutorial from calico ( a new favorite blog and a sweetie too) at 10:00 pm . and guess what? i love it and it totally cheered me up. take that seasonal depression. up yours winter.


off to california to help my big old pregnant sister pack. started a tumblr to keep track of all the pretty images, things i want to make and blogs i like. check it out here. my husband was taking a look at my favorites yesterday and was laughing at how many things i had saved. he said " how are you going to organize or even remember what things are?" maybe this will help, maybe not?


grrr this news has me fuming mad.

i get mad when people even call or come to my house during lost. sorry mr. president i really don't care what you have to say... you had better not delay my lost season premiere i have been waiting all year for, or else. ( shaking fist in the air like an old man)


flight of the conchords... my new favorite show, besides lost and glee ( good thing i got both seasons on dvd for my honey!). i love they keyboard belt.