menu monday {errrr.... tuesday}

philly cheese fakes, strawberries. steamed veggies
* steak, oven french fries, broccoli, canned peaches
* taco bar with all the fixings, smoothies
* breakfast for dinner, roasted asparagus with egg, bacon, bagels
* cheesy noodle casserole ( aka noodley doodley), green salad, asparagus, garlic bread
* date night?
* leftovers or sandwiches

last week our church had a self reliance workshop. i went to 2 classes. one on finances and one on the importance of family dinners. my kids are young enough that we don't have much going on yet and are able to have family dinner most nights. i really enjoyed the class and it gave me some good ideas. i will share them with you tomorrow. i'm getting pretty tired. watching biggest loser will do that to you ;)


Janetha said...

haha. noodley doodley. i call it bomb shit, but this is a much more kid-friendly name ;)

the mama monster said...

janetha- my boys love it. they would ask what is for dinner and i didn't want to say bomb shit! so i simpsonized it ( well flanderized) it. my mom started it one year when she wanted a treat, someone suggested getting something and she said " i want something chocolatey docolatety."