friday favs and weekend happenings

*these tote bags are super cute. you can never have enough totes right? the deer applique is destined to become a pillow for my couch.

* i am completely obsessed/smitten with this bedroom. lacy painted floor, chicken wire wall and vintage linens, floral too? yes please! i love everything ashley does with her house. she is so creative!

* do you guys remember making butter in grade school? we used to shake cream in a mason jar and watch it turn to cream. this looks even faster/easier, although maybe not as fun for kids to do. i'm thinking homemade bread and butter + apricot and raspberry freezer jam is in order this weekend!

* i love love love these lightweight boy hoodies at i am momma hear me roar

* week one of the ripped in 30 almost done! i am loving it. under 30 minutes, weight+ cardio. i previewed week 2 yesterday and it there are alot of moves i have never seen before. i am excited to try it.

* look how pretty my friend krista's rosette cuffs are! i have a green one and love it but the pink is calling my name.

*finally good enough weather to go to the zoo! i've got the fever for sure.

*i made some homemade coconut butter this week. it is unbelievable on pancakes. it was fast, cheap and easy.

* a new sunflower market is opening up in salt lake. i'm hoping to make it to the grand opening and score some free things.

* the prettiest crocheted pillows i have ever seen.

* how pretty is this image? wish i could find some pretty old wood that looked like that!

* what a great idea for keeping organized in the car.

*where is a girls scout when you need one? i love samoas so much i might just try to make some if i don't see one soon.

* roasted maple cinnamon almond butter! i am all over it.
what caught your eye this week?


Krista said...

thanks for the little shoutoout and ashley's room is amazing!
i made samoa's myself a couple years ago and brought em to work. i think everyone liked them

Ash Savage said...

I am loving your blog! I'm giving you a blogging award ;} Please go to my blog at www.achievingdomesticbliss.com for the presentation!