so- i just got through eating the second best apple of my life. what apple is that you say? it's called a jazz apple. i found them at smiths the other day for $1 a lb.

 my in-laws have the tasty apples on the planet but these are a close second. the apple was so crisp and juicy + shares a name with our basketball team ( what is up with kirelinkos hair?!).

you better believe that come free day i will be making the best apple dumplings ever. just thought i would spread the word on this tasty treat.


Ginnie said...

Well, he has to do something to distract from his face ;)
I must try those apples!

Ann said...

And have you ever eaten the apple that's called "Pink Lady"? Very juicy, both tart & sweet at the same time--absolutely heavenly! But rather hard to find, I think they must have a real short season or not be good "travelers". Try WalMart, which is where I usually find them. I did find them in my regular grocer just a couple weeks ago, and bought a whack of 'em!

Kammy Wielenga said...

I just discovered those too! Yummy! I just emailed you to by the way, just wanted to contact you!!! Don't let it slip away in your spam folder!!! Thanks! Kammy