summer decorating to do list...

*dye some mason jars... as seen on IDIY

*dollie-fy some things.

*make a canvas chalkboard

*paint my kitchen cupboard cream and  buy a different knob for each one.

*make a outdoor daybed ( i have been wanting an outdoor daybed forever. even at walmart and target they are at least $400. yay for anna and knock off wood!

*pallet bookshelves for my kids rooms, my room, hallway, and wherever else i can fit them. love them so much! this is cool too!


tia said...

I couldn't find the pic of the pallet bookshelves but am desperate for some bookshelves....maybe the link isn't working for me........please help, I need all of it I can get....Thanks for the super great blog!!!

the mama monster said...

tia- fixed it!

Kem said...

Love all the ideas. Fav is different nobs for each cubord

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Great ideas! I happen to have two pallets in my carport. I do believe Ryan thinks they are going to be firewood. Silly boy.

sanjeet said...

.Thanks for the super great blog!!!
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