my review ::: carmel/salty combo

have you tried the new pretzel m&m's?

meh, they are a good idea but not so tasty. i would rather waste my calories on something else. if you crave that salty/sweet goodness you should check out the Klondike Carmel pretzel bar. delicious! so full of Carmel salty goodness. i found them at target.

or you could go and make my favorite cupcake recipe ever. salted Carmel cupcakes from our best bite. i'm not a frosting girl, but their frosting makes me want to put myself into a self-induced sugar coma.over and over again.

ps. can you tell i'm dieting?


Kem said...

way to be the devil jackie, i am trying to win a challenge but maybe thats your grand plan and your an evil person and your goal is to break my will. well i say nice try but i am made of stone and nothing is going to stop me! NOTHING not even you sweet and salty goodness.

Marie said...

I havent tried them yet. I wanted to.

holly said...

tried them & was soooo disappointed!! i agree, definitely don't waste your time (or calories)on them :).