i bookmarked this a while ago and forgot to post about it. find out how to make this cool pallet bed at ashley ann photography. her daughter's whole room is darling.
i've been wanting to use this idea for some sort of couch/bed thingy for my pergola outside. { this was how the previous owners had the yard looking}
i on the other hand have an out of control jungle yard with mucho weeds. i only pray that the lady doesn't ever drive by and cry her little horticulturist heart out and the damage we've done to her precious yard.
what do you think? i think if i just used oilcloth or outdoor canvas to cover the foam it would work out. my little brain is thinking of all the other pallet creations i can come up with.


Krista said...

i love that room and bed! so cute

Megan said...

Do it! It's awesome. Then we could all hang out on it and eat your salted caramel cupcakes. Yum.