i don't know about all of you but i really need help in the "cute outfits for church category" you see, as a mother to three little boys i end up covered in cracker crumbs, milk stains, pen "tats" and now since we are potty training mr beebye, the occasional splash of kid pee. i'm also in the primary which means i need to be comfy and since i'm a mormon { oh my swearing and boob talk didn't let on? sorry about that, i tend to be a little um crass but i'm working on it, but really that has been my problem my whole life just ask my mother, sometimes, actually almost always, i horrify her with what comes out of my mouth, this is turning into the longest run on sentence within a parentheses ever!!}i also dress modestly. here are some super blogs and flickr groups to help me, and you out.
via clothed much blog
This pretty lady has a great fashion blog. she is cute, stylish, modest and in her own words poor. i on the other hands am not so cute or stylish but i most definatly relate to the poor part. i would much rather { and i do} buy my boys clothes, or spend money on diapers and undies and oh i don't know, food and other things needed for survival. i love that elaine doesn' have alot of clothes but mixes them up into new and original outfits.
Then there is the new flickr group ~ sunday best started from jenn of ambrosia girl. there are some really cute outfits on there.
I recently discovered sensibly styled um somewhere? not sure where i saw it but i love it! it has cute ideas and you can even ask for help putting outfits together for any occasion and they will coordinate it all and show numerous options!
now if any of you fashionistas have tips to keep kids from constantly hanging on me and getting my clothes totally dirty i would love to know your tips.
and yes, just in case you were wondering i am still a bum, none of my tutorials i am working on are done. my camera's batteries died, i don't have any more, i am to busy/lazy to go get more, when i do go to the store i wander around and take my time because the kids are usually at home with dad or at grannies, i forget batteries every single time i run to the store. soooooo- will somebody send me some batteries? and i'm working on them.


Megan said...

Great ideas! I am always looking for cheap ways to look at least somewhat put together. However, I always think that you look cute at church. I think one great accessory for me would be to have a flat stomach so I don't always look like I am expecting a bun in the oven. Hah,haha,haaa.

Krista said...

i subscribe to those blogs too. cute ideas but not very good at putting their ideas to use.

Kem said...

thanks mama, always can use some new ideas and you always look cute and so does megan!