i am dying over how cute these sock skeletons at martha stewart are! i think since Halloween is here and i haven't done them yet i might do it on Sunday for day of the dead. wouldn't it be cute to use bright colored felt to embellish him for day of the dead? if i don't get to him this weekend would it be weird to give my boys for Christmas? because i am pretty sure they would love them.
also i love this sweater from forever 21. however, i'm worried that this particular color might make my skin color look pukey and green.


Kem said...

Does anyone else think that the sweater's (that is so dang cute) boobs are mildly just a lil off. Their frecking me out just a little.

Josten and Sarah said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! And thanks for the suggestion! I can't believe it... 5 for $20?!?!? That's amazing! I will be stopping in at Wet Seal very soon! I love your blog, and I love that forever 21 shirt too!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

That sweater comes with boobs?!? SOLD!

Cutest skeleton ever - BTW. Make four. One for each of your boys and one for moi.