summer hair = BRAIDS! i've decided to go hair dryer less most of the week( i have decided the least i can do is semi fix my hair up for church, does that make up for the fact that we sneak out after the sacrament almost every week? it is a bit hard to stay the whole time when all you do is roam the hallways and nurse babies...)my goal is to only use it at most 2x a week. i joined a flickr group a while back called braid Wednesday for inspiration.
here are some tutorials for your dirty hippie hair enjoyment- good little granola girl graceful lady has a great video here (this is the one i use alot)
get two cute braid ideas inspired by lc here and here and my new favorite style can be found at the polished pickle- seriously how cute is this hair do??? and the blog is really cute too.
photo and tutorial from the polished pickle
i'm also a big fan of the bobby pin messy bun look. what summer hair tips do you have?


Megan Marie said...

love your choice in hair-clips! So fun to make a new bloggy friend. :)

Kem said...

Thanks Mama, Love the braids, they will be great for California.
I also just joined the group...

Allison said...

I wish I had summer hair tips for you....but lately my hair is lucky to get dry. I wish I had cute hair like yours! Thanks for stopping by and linking! -Allison