i just ordered these cute prints off etsy yesterday. i can't wait to put them in my collage wall. i love them. from this etsy store.
i really like this idea of using rain gutters as bookshelves . bonus is that it is really cheap and customizable. i like displaying books facing out so you can see the covers. ( sorry not sure where the picture is from)


meg said...

Love those prints and love the rain gutter idea. Brilliant!! I've always wanted those shelves to display the books and I just don't have the skillz or the billz to do it. I could do this idea.

krista said...

i am loving the rain gutter idea. they would be super cheap too. all my kids' books are stacked in the toy room and i HATE it. so this may be a fun option.....thanks for the idea!

meg said...

Look! I found a link on how to do the rain gutter shelves!


ArizonaLewis said...

well hello pretty.
i enjoy your beautiful site.
and humor.
thanks for saying hi.
and now we're friends.

Sandy said...

love those gutters! i am so stealing this idea, i just have to find a spare wall somewhere.

Always Inspire said...

I love those bookshelves! Would have never thought of doing that!