friday favs-

*these cropped ankle skinny jeans are freaking cute. i tried them on last week and loved them but was holding out for a better deal. on sale this week for $19.50! wahoo!

* did a new treadmill workout today that kicked my butt. i am not a fast runner. even though i run often. i do alot of HITT routines so it was fun trying something new.  my times were... m1 (8:44) m2 (8:48) m3 (8:22) i was a tiny bit bummed that mile 2, was 4 seconds longer than one.

* loving these shoes, or these, and these ones too. which ones should i get with my christmas giftcard to UO?

* going to chipotle. buy one get one free coupon here. my fav is the barbacoa burrito bowl with lots of veggies, black beans and all three salsas. what is your favorite?

* finally painting my kitchen cabinets this weekend! i'll let you know how it turned out.

* got a flat screen tv finally too! i just need to find a place to hang it or a table to put it on. i am loving this one from rc willey. and it is clearance, even better.

have a fun weekend!


Pedaling said...

old navy has had quite the sale this week....i bought a few items myself.

krista said...

ooh i LOVE that table too. we went to rc willey today and they're all out of stock. i really can't find one i like, it's bugging me!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Cute, cute ca-boot! I like the sandals the bestest. Very cute! Very Jackie! I like the blue console for the new tv too. Let's get two. One for me, one for you. And hold the phone, did you say you were PAINTING YOUR KITCHEN CUPBOARDS THIS WEEKEND?!?!?!? Eeeee!! I'm coming over!