(pic from my kitchen cafe)

 i went to dairy queen tonight with my boys. i remembered that a friend had told me about their frozen hot chocolate so i thought i would try it. oh my goodness was it good! I'm pretty sure I'm addicted. if you want to try it out at home this recipe from on of my favorite food blogs my kitchen cafe looks really good!

What foods are you addicted to?
have you noticed that when you have kids you become obsessed with making them happy? including collecting toys and things that they like? like when my oldest was a baby and burger king kids meals had the cutest ever star wars toys. we ate way to much burger king for weeks to collect them all, i don't even like burger king one bit. then it was the Disney "cars" toys. we got a bit crazy collecting them. the most recent obsession is anything toy story. have you seen the new toy story Lego's?  cutest things ever! we have the train set and the buzz pizza planet truck. i love getting them out and setting them up even more than my boys.see more Lego's here.

any other fun toys i should be collecting?

i go through stages where i am obsessed with music. my husband got me an itouch for mothers day ( yay!) and i am in music mode again. right now I'm loving-

*afi crash love. all the songs are good, really the whole album
*matt and kim. so happy and fun to listen too, my favorite is daylight
*weezer raditude, can't stop the partying and put me back together are my favorites
*the darkness i love me some butt rock
*less than jake, they remind me of being in high school and going to shows every weekend with me friends

what music are you loving right now?


hope said...

I'm crazy into Ray lamontange and the avett brothers right now. I'm going to see Ray tomorrow night on the beach!! Can't wait !

Krista said...

i used to love lego's. i have mellowed out a lot in the music dept. anything to soothe me, i'll take. so we have iron and wine's Shephard's Dog on repeat in our cars. also lovin Arcade Fire

Kem said...

I'm just wondering why you didn't feel the need to come on over to my house and share? I think that I will have to eather make my own yummy frozen hot chocolate or go and buy one now.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

We have a ton of the old BK Star Wars toys. The BK was just around the corner, so I would walk over and buy two kids meals and then set up a picnic in the back in the middle of the fruit trees. Mia was just little, but she loved the food! Jake was so excited over the toys. We did this for weeks always asking ahead of time which toys they had to give out. I hope they do some good Toy Story toys for the new movie!

CraftyBrit said...

Cute Toy Story toys! Makes me wanna go get em! And where has that frozen hot chocolate been all my life? I must try one...today! Thanks for sharing :)