how cool are these LOST posters seen over at craftpad? maybe they will help get me out of my depression over lost being over.

 i can't believe it... so sad. the other day the finale was being rebroadcast. i just caught the last couple minutes but when jack and vincent were laying there and jack closed his eyes...it was all i could do to keep from sobbing like a baby in front of my husband.

pretty pathetic huh? but i am truly having a hard time getting over it. i think re watching the entire show and getting these posters might cheer me up.


Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Well, do you wanna watch it with me because I have never seen one episode of Lost. Ever. I know. SHOCKING! How can you call me a friend?

Refugee Crafter said...

My name is Tabi and I'm a Lost-aholic.