things i love thursday

*i love the new jillian micheals yoga dvd. i have most of her workout videos and they rock. this one is no exception.

*this amazing in progress transformation that my friend megan is doing to her bedroom. i cannot wait to see it! in fact i need to get my hinney over there to check it out in person. don't you love her fabric choice?
they were on sale for $10 last week. i love the fit, they are so comfy too. LOVE!
*have you seen napolean dynamite? of course you have. i loved it and nacho libre also. but i think the funniest movie that jared and jerusha hess have written is gentlemen broncos.
*hilarious! go check it out. and while i'm suggesting offbeat movies, have you seen king of kongs? it is soooooooo great.

*this chicken- really this is one of the best recipes i have ever made. i am dying to make it again.

* the richard-centric episode of lost. i think it was my favorite episode ever. i have always liked richard, now i love him. the acting, the questions answered, the kick butt jacob, creepy fake locke, the scene where richard was talking to dead isabella... i swear he could see and feel her, ah so good! i feel like maybe the writers will be able to pull off the things i want to know in the next 8 episodes. there are so many questions that are unanswered but i think i'm ok with that. some things just aren't all that important anymore, you know? i need to watch this whole season again, especially the last episode. i think richard has replaced desmond as the number 2 man of lost. sawyer is of course number one. jack? he's pretty low. ( ha kem!)
* chipolte - i love it. their chips are really good. i love their fajita burrito too. i think right now i am over cafe rio.
*and lastly girls night with my friends at the yummy mandarin restaurant in bountiful!

stayed tuned for a tutorial tomorrow...


hipchic~cynde said...

The room makeover looks like it will be amazing. I love the fabric on the wall (I think that is what it is)
AE shirt looks great!
I am learning a new appreciation for yoga it is great!
Can't wait to see the tutorial.
Have a great day.

Krista said...

i love chipotle. king of king is awesome and i just added the other in my netflix queu!!

Kristen Andrews said...

I love jilian micheals esp her 30 day shred, I picked up the yoga one too and it is hard!


Have you discovered "totally lost"? from Entertainment Weekly online?

Great way to process the episode afterwards.

I am going through an On The Border love or taco night at home. At home I can use my veggie sausage crumbles,taco seasoning and can of petite diced tomatoes with chilis in the extra large taco shells topped with lettuce, homemade pico de gallo and avacado. Oh man, now I'm hungry.

Nice to meet another obsessed "Lost" fan. Seems to be fewer of us than there were in the begining. I am really enjoying your blog.