things i am loving as of late-
this darling poster from jenna at q.a. design etsy store these adorable and funky reconstructed hoodies from etsy seller mungo crafts ( seen on the dainty squid tumblr) i am loving this so much i can't stop thinking about it.
this amazingly cute tutorial for the little pink house seen on sew mama sew. i followed the link and explored the blog of checkout girl and everything that she does is amazing! i would love to have one made of our house.

these cookies! oh my goodness these were good. it's my free day today ( i'm doing body for life) and i wanted to make something that i could enjoy. seriously go try them. next time i make them i think i will chop some peanut butter cups up.
and of course LOST. seriously i can't even fall asleep after i watch it. i have been working out right after so i can think about what is going on for a bit. it helps my brain not feel so worthless. so what do you other losties think... is jacob good or bad? and what about the whole thing with ben? poor ben, i really actually felt sorry for him. and where the heck is sawyer? more sawyer less jack please.


megara said...

i am in love with all of these picks. i love that hoodie, and don't even want to click on the link you found it at, because i would probably end up buying it.

great blog!

Kem said...

Um yes I think that I will take everything maybe 2 of everything. and What to say about lost????? I wish I could sleep after I watch it and I am fine with Jack, yes I think I will also take 2 Jacks.

Bethany said...
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Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Is this the hoodie you've been talking about?? I can't wait to see yours!

jenna said...

uh i'm flattered!