here are some freebies for you. check out this link here for a free quart of paint. you pick the color. sweet! ( i picked totally teal)
hungry? how about a free lunch, entree or salad when you buy one? then head to einsteins and pick up some lunch.

what about a new swimsuit?

you probably already have one for this year but why not get another to have on hand? this weekend they are on sale for $5 each piece at old navy.

i'm totally getting the black one piece for me and something for the hubby who insists upon wearing his FUGLY one from high school.

we love jamba juice smoothies round here. ( mango mantra or strawberry surfrider please!) well then go buy one get one free. have them put your kids in seperate cups and your kids will adore you. ( unless you have more kids than free smoothies then you're sort of on your own.)pair it with your free einsteins and your talking perfect summer lunch.