we have lived in our house for over a year now and are just getting to decorating. umm yeah pretty embarrassing.in my defense i did have two small boys and then got pregnant again. i love this for my baby's room! the walls are already the same exact color. i love the yellow+blue combo. we have yucky ugly carpet in the bedrooms with "hardwood" everywhere else. i would eventually like to have hardwood floors throughout the whole house.

photos from ohdeedoh
i also really like this one.
finally this one from wee wonderfuls gives my good ideas for my older boys shared room.

i especially like this idea to showcase my collection of vintage kids books.

what are your favorite resources for real home decorating ideas?


Loralynn said...

I love, love, love the first picture! It looks like such a great room for a nursery!

Merilee said...

I love those rooms! I would love to see your vintage kids books. I remember so many that my Grandma used to have, and how much I loved them, but I can't remember the names. Do you get them anywhere special?

Krista said...

very cute. i can't wait until we have a house to decorate. now i smell a poop. so i best be going.