images from ohdeedoh
i want this set up for my boys. which one do you like best? don't worry, they only cost $8000... from tiramolla.


holly said...

something organized....love it!!

your boys look so cute in their costumes--i love the mystery machine!

book club is tomorrow night (wed) at 6:30. do you think you can make it? if so, do you want to drive down here & then ride with me (maybe lilli too) to natalie's--its in lehi.

let me know--i'll call you & bug you about it tomorrow!

PeavoyMom said...

I love all of these, I think the bottom one was my fave, but maybe it's just the black and white... I don't know.
I am totally in love with your blog and all the tutorials and everything. That's funny that we have the same name tastes. I wonder if your Ezra is as crazy as mine?!?
By the way, you are the first person I've met who has the same opinion of the movie Edward as me. Everyone else is in love with him... I guess it's just not how I pictured him. You are awesome, I'm glad I saw your blog.

Shae said...

I like the 2nd picture. Maybe not the colors as much...but I really like the set up!

Courtney said...

hi, I'm interested in ordering a hooter hider. I live in Az and my due date is Dec 8! please email me with your information! My email is