i love sriracha. i mean love. as in i plan my meals around what would be tasty with the red gold on top. i love it on mac and cheese, ( anything cheesy really), any asian-y type food, anything with eggs, anything meaty. yum.

found this on pinterest today. guess what my swagbucks gift cards to amazon are going to?! by the way pinterest is fun, i enjoy wasting time on there.

this looks mighty tasty. i am obsessed with eggs right now. i really really love capers too. i make egg salad sammies with capers, kalamata olives and red onion. try it sometime.

15 lbs lost on body for life! i am winding down the challenge ( 3 weeks left) i have really enjoyed it but an ready to try something else. i am signed up for 2 5k's and a 10 k this summer. i want to do a half marathon and am thinking of the top of utah.  has anyone done it?

why the hell is there no trader joes in utah? i stocked up in vegas a few weeks ago and my supply is running low. thanks to my friend whit i was introduced to the most amazing thing ever. unsweetened, unsulfered dried mangoes. they are the perfect treat.so good that i may or may not be thinking of buying some from ebay... and thanks to krista i learned about dark chocolate covered pretzel thins.amazing! the sweet/salty combo is perfect. ginnie introduced me to the freeze dried snap peas a little to late. i tried them after we left the store and was wishing i bought a bag the whole car ride. good thing i am headed to cali in june to restock. my great grandma has 3 trader joes in her neighborhood!

speaking of vegas... it was so much fun. my mom and husband watched the kids while i headed out for three nights o fun with my girls. we all grew up together and have kept in contact throughout the years. we  had tons of fun laying out, running, eating, chatting, swimming, dancing, stalking celebs ( well brandon flowers and the polygs from sister wives) shopping, sleeping on a giant unibed, people watching... i sure do love these friends. ( ps. aren't they cute?)


Janetha @ meals + moves said...

why the hell is there no trader joes in utah?

i ask this daily.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Ryan would LOVE that cookbook!! I'll have to take a looksie at it and maybe pick it up for his birthday.

I'm glad that you had a fun time in Vegas. I must remember that I need to go to Trader's if I ever get the chance.


Pedaling said...

Beautiful girls. I hope you all stay close even into old age! Your new discoveries sound yum!

Jenn said...

Alcohol laws. That's why there's no Trader Joe's. Seemed like a full 3rd of the store was booze.
I know, it makes me sad, too.

m3twin said...

I just ran across this cookbook the other day and didn't even stop to pick it up... I was in a hurry... knew I would buy it....gave in to the restraint... kept walking... ugh! Now I know I need it.