My Review:: one n' only argan oil

back from cali! it was a blast. my boys were sooooo good in the car. seriously amazing. we used the dvd player as a last resort, but made it most the trip without it. they made a huge mess that i had to ignore so i didn't freak out but other than that it went smoothly.

man i don't know about you but california humidity messes with me every single time i visit. usually i break out the instant i am there. and my naturally wavy hair ends up looking like a giant frizzy fro by the end of the day.

i have been wanting to try Moroccan hair oil for awhile now but have been reluctant to get it due to the price ($30+) for a tiny bottle. i ran into sally beauty supply to get some dry shampoo for the trip ( i'll review that later) and they had a promo going on for this argan oil. it was $9 for a 3.4 oz bottle. as luck would have it they were totally out. there went my chance to have frizz free disneyland hair! when i got back from california i checked back and they had it!

i have used it for a couple days now and i love it. it makes my hair soft but not greasy at all. it smells good, almost like suntan oil. my hair is super shiny and i have no idea how but it makes me have to wash my hair less often! i have never been able to go more than every other day washing because i look like a dirty hippie ( not that there's anything wrong with that...seinfield anyone) but i have gone without washing  for 2 days a few times and my hair wasn't gross!

for the price and the result i will for sure be using this all the time.


Kem said...

I have been using that oil for about 6 mths and I love it but I have to be careful because if you use to much then it does make your hair greasy.

Krista said...

i like that captain eo stencil idea!
i have seen them on etsy...but i got my cabochon's from mkbeads.com i felt there was more variety and a good price.

Pedaling said...

never heard of it--but i think i might like to try it out.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

I've never even heard of that before. I do have some Bed Head spray dry shampoo that I have been trying because it was on special at ULTA for $6.99. I say meh. I might be doing it wrong and the last time, I forgot to shake the bottle. Hello ashy brown hair!

baby cat said...

does it make your hair less frizzy? My hair is pretty wavy and thick and when its humid... I definitely feel your pain. Frizz, frizz, frizz!