the first week in october is going to be a fun one. we are taking a long car trip to disneyland.(yay!) traveling with kids is always interesting to say the least. i have pretty easy travelers but anything i can do to help my 3 young boys have an easier and more comfortable trip is always good. well i've decided that since i'm gathering ideas and making some fun things i might as well bring you along for the ride! come back next week for some tutorials, guest bloggers and other tips to make traveling with kids easier!  if you have some tips leave a comment and i will compile a list of tips.

ps. if anyone wants to be a guest poster i would love it! let me know at jacquelynbateman@hotmail.com


krista said...

how fun! you are brave, we always fly for that trip cause i don't dare to drive that far with the little ones. we're going in november ..... looks like we'll just miss ya.

any discounts to disneyland for kids?

Erica said...

I hope this trip doesn't come with any car troubles! Good Luck.

Morgan said...

We're planning a trip to Disneyland too. Will you be sharing the details of that? I'd love to know more about it! Where are you staying? How many days will you actually be at Disneyland? Can't wait to read the car trip tips! :)

Ginnie said...

bring along bandaids... lots of bandaids. let them peel and stick to their hearts content.

have fun! i'm jealous. :)