my friend megan over at megitys handmade gave me an award the other day and i'm just getting around to posting about it. thanks megan! i guess i need to tell you 7 random facts about me.
1. i have a terrible potty mouth, which is highly embarrassing to my mother, but highly amusing to my grandma and husband
2. i secretly don't like people who don't like chocolate and peanut butter or don't like seinfield ( both are included in my every day life) i pity the fool who doesn't enjoy a chocolate pb donut from madbrooks or a hot fudge pb shake from iceberg, or who doesn't appreciate the phrase "man hands"
3. i love to cook, and eat, and pretty much think about food alot
4. i have 3 little boys and am honestly terrified to have a girl, but i think i want one eventually
5. my nickname used to be del taco. for some reason when my parents teased me about it i didn't think it was all that funny. now i do. my mom also used to tell my sister and i that she was sheera princess of power in cognito.
6. i love lost...alot. i am a nerd and read all the message boards and theories and stuff. one word- sawyer
7. i love love love to read but rarely have the time anymore ( a few of my favorite books are papa married a mormon, enders game and enchanted)
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Krista said...

wow! my first award! or is it krista nielsen? you make me laugh

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

So I keep waiting for your potty mouth to shine through but it must not be so bad or you have a sensor on it. Ryan finds it down right hilarious, doubled over in laughter if I say something.

Feel like shopping today?? I wanna go treasure hunting! Plus, I have a whole slew of junk to donate.

Ginnie said...

So... how many Ginnie's do you know?

Elaine said...

Congrats on the award!! Loved reading these 7 things about you!! I never liked Seinfeld either.

Referring to your comment on my blog... My thrifted items are bought from thrift stores. My secondhand items are mostly from consignment stores like Plato's or ebay or something like that. The consignment store I frequent is Uptown Cheapskate by the Gateway on 2nd S 4th W. I think.