i already loved this song by mgmt. then i looked up the video on youtube and found this video. i love it so much, but i like weird things. my boys all love the song and dance to it whenever it plays. i guess this isn't the official video by mgmt. some guy made it in a day for his film class, uploaded it to youtube and then was contacted by mgmt to be in the electric feel video. check it out it's super cool.


Kem said...

I love that song it rocks and what a cool video. I keeped thinking man that lady has a big mouth but other then that 4 gold stars

B said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from SITS. I love this song. It's one of our driving songs at the moment; me and the kids rock out to it on the way to school! I love your crafty stuff; I just started sewing at the end of last year. How do you get the time to have an Etsy store too; tell me your secrets!?