no i'm not dead. just 9 months pregnant in the middle of a damn hot summer with only a swamp cooler. did i mention i already have two crazy ( but cute!) boys 3 and under. thus the lack of energy to make, thus the lack of posting. i must be nesting or something because i have sudden urge to make things. i am currently working on a super easy skirt tutorial. stay tuned... unless i have the baby , then forget about me doing anything ever again. i better hurry only 10 days to go until my due date. eek i am freaking out here.


Jessica said...

I wish I was there to help. Is it a little girls skirt, about a size 2t?

holly said...

so we went to olive garden last night--and i think it has just gotten worse and worse over time. vic ordered the baked ziti (because i said, "remember you like that, it is what jackie made for us...") and it was horrible--he complained the whole time and said, "i wish i had jackie's, now that was good! remember all that good stuff she would make, you should get some recipes...."
now i should be offended--but your food is delicious!! so, maybe in all your spare time....could you give me the recipe for the "best baked ziti stuff" (as vic referred to it as)???
thanks :)

**any baby yet????
(i still don't know his name--so i like to call him "hank")

i'm kelly said...

can't wait to see the tutorial. your stuff is always darling!

Lil D said...

I can't remember if I've already said this, but I love the idea you had of making a garage version of the fabric dollhouse. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Good luck - I can't imagine having three kids under 3!