hand sewn love

wow! these have to be some of the cutest, most professional looking, handmade clothing i have ever seen. i have been checking and rechecking this cute gals etsy store to see if anything is in stock yet... it isn't and so i sit and drool over these cute little numbers. maybe soon. check it out here!!!!


Krista said...

i love the "tova dress" on her site. so cute!

the mama monster said...

krista- i love it too! isn't it so cute? i got a pattern for a similiar dress and i am going to modify it a bit so that it looks more liker hers. i'll post pictures when i'm done ( which will probably be a while because i still have a billion things to finsih)

Mer said...

way cute. At first I thought that you made these and that it was your little sister in the first picture. :)
I don't have your phone number, but I would love to go to the dinosaur museum tomorrow. I have been wanting to go for a while. email me if you get this before then..mertru57@yahoo.com