menu monday

pioneer woman

*fast, easy breakfast sandwiches, pineapple
* stuffed taco shells, fruit, corn
*quesadillas, fruit
*pollo asada, beans ,tortillas, fruit
*skillet summer vegetable lasagna, green salad

what are you having this week?


not the best picture ever but it will do...

i am so lucky to have gone to glacier national park with my in laws. they are the best people i know and i am truly lucky to have them in my life. aren't they a cute bunch?

i am having major montana withdrawals. who knew how amazing and beautiful it was? surely not me... i told my husband that i fully intend on visiting every summer. maybe even living there some day.

have you ever been to glacier national park or montana? what did you think?


menu monday

                                                                 vacation/holiday detox style-


+ britts fish tacos, watermelon, homemade salsa and chips
grilled steak and veggie kabobs, summer corn salad 
+ homemade pizza, fruit, green salad
+ grilled chicken and berry salad ( ala wendys style!), grilled sourdough bread
+ grilled cheese, blt's or breakfast for dinner

and some recipes that are looking good for next week!
mediterranean spring bowls
pollo asada

what is on your menu for the week?
anyone feeling the post holiday bloat?


my review:: berry almond chicken salad( from wendy's)

um yep this is a seriously good salad. i was on my way to the park for playgroup today and thought i would stop and grab and apple pecan chicken salad from wendys ( which by the way is amazing too)
 when i pulled up i saw a pretty new looking salad on the menu... the berry almond chicken salad. i got the half size so i could eat it with a piece of white chocolate pecan bread from harmons ( bread from heaven i think!) it was more than enough salad and was so good!
 i only used less than half of the pecans and dressing packet. everything was fresh and delish and it sure did not taste like a fast food salad. at only 270 calories and a pretty good protein to carb ration ( almost even) i can see this salad as a go to when i have to pick up something quick.


for your viewing pleasure.

top- napoleon dynamite cartoon. my boys think it looks hilarious

middle- a new tv show with zoey! she is the cutest ever

bottom- apparently this reminds my husband of my dance moves. he says i even make the same faces. this may or may not be spot on.

can't wait!


something weird is going on with my computer lately. it just shuts down for no reason. thus the lack of posting. i am trying to type this as fast as i can to get a post I'm before it happens. is it a virus?

                                                                   started this today...

i have already done the workout before but i plan on actually doing the whole four week plan. i am headed to California in 4 weeks so i thought this would give me some extra motivation. it is a great dvd. the 3 minutes strength 2 minutes cardio 1 minute abs is my favorite jillian exercise plan.

hopefully i can keep my computer on long enough to post menu monday. it's a good one this week. i find that when i actually make a plan and post it online i am much better at sticking to it. wonder why that is...



i love sriracha. i mean love. as in i plan my meals around what would be tasty with the red gold on top. i love it on mac and cheese, ( anything cheesy really), any asian-y type food, anything with eggs, anything meaty. yum.

found this on pinterest today. guess what my swagbucks gift cards to amazon are going to?! by the way pinterest is fun, i enjoy wasting time on there.

this looks mighty tasty. i am obsessed with eggs right now. i really really love capers too. i make egg salad sammies with capers, kalamata olives and red onion. try it sometime.

15 lbs lost on body for life! i am winding down the challenge ( 3 weeks left) i have really enjoyed it but an ready to try something else. i am signed up for 2 5k's and a 10 k this summer. i want to do a half marathon and am thinking of the top of utah.  has anyone done it?

why the hell is there no trader joes in utah? i stocked up in vegas a few weeks ago and my supply is running low. thanks to my friend whit i was introduced to the most amazing thing ever. unsweetened, unsulfered dried mangoes. they are the perfect treat.so good that i may or may not be thinking of buying some from ebay... and thanks to krista i learned about dark chocolate covered pretzel thins.amazing! the sweet/salty combo is perfect. ginnie introduced me to the freeze dried snap peas a little to late. i tried them after we left the store and was wishing i bought a bag the whole car ride. good thing i am headed to cali in june to restock. my great grandma has 3 trader joes in her neighborhood!

speaking of vegas... it was so much fun. my mom and husband watched the kids while i headed out for three nights o fun with my girls. we all grew up together and have kept in contact throughout the years. we  had tons of fun laying out, running, eating, chatting, swimming, dancing, stalking celebs ( well brandon flowers and the polygs from sister wives) shopping, sleeping on a giant unibed, people watching... i sure do love these friends. ( ps. aren't they cute?)


menu monday

*cheese and roasted veggie enchiladas + strawberries
*sopitas de tortillas + green smoothies + trader joes peppered turkey bacon
*penne with roasted asparagus and balsamic vinegar + breadsticks + green salad
*kung pao ramen noodles + asian slaw salad salad
*chicken paella + green salad
*grandma batemans easter wienie roast! bringing a salad
*easter dinner

what are you having this week?


menu monday {errrr.... tuesday}

philly cheese fakes, strawberries. steamed veggies
* steak, oven french fries, broccoli, canned peaches
* taco bar with all the fixings, smoothies
* breakfast for dinner, roasted asparagus with egg, bacon, bagels
* cheesy noodle casserole ( aka noodley doodley), green salad, asparagus, garlic bread
* date night?
* leftovers or sandwiches

last week our church had a self reliance workshop. i went to 2 classes. one on finances and one on the importance of family dinners. my kids are young enough that we don't have much going on yet and are able to have family dinner most nights. i really enjoyed the class and it gave me some good ideas. i will share them with you tomorrow. i'm getting pretty tired. watching biggest loser will do that to you ;)


 so- i just got through eating the second best apple of my life. what apple is that you say? it's called a jazz apple. i found them at smiths the other day for $1 a lb.

 my in-laws have the tasty apples on the planet but these are a close second. the apple was so crisp and juicy + shares a name with our basketball team ( what is up with kirelinkos hair?!).

you better believe that come free day i will be making the best apple dumplings ever. just thought i would spread the word on this tasty treat.