menu monday

pioneer woman

*fast, easy breakfast sandwiches, pineapple
* stuffed taco shells, fruit, corn
*quesadillas, fruit
*pollo asada, beans ,tortillas, fruit
*skillet summer vegetable lasagna, green salad

what are you having this week?


Sarah said...

I love stuff taco shells!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Nom, nom, nom. I like your menu mondays.

Tracy said...

Hi I just had to comment to you . I am very excitedly waiting to be a grama. In Dec my Daughter in law has asked me to make her a feeding cover uo ( I am a novice sewer. So imagine my delight when I found your blog. I will blog about it and credit yoy thanks
Tracy at edenhouse7.blogspot.com